The iconic Porsche Speedster WTL Spotted is going up for auction!

07/19/2016 13:47:07
The iconic Porsche Speedster WTL Spotted is going up for auction!
Now the collector car lovers have a chance to buy one of the best old cars, as it is going up for auction after 13 years of being in Edo Competition’s care.

Some people like to buy only new luxurious cars, as it's a great pleasure for them to be the first owner of the car they buy. Others prefer buying collector cars and they are proud that they own a piece of history. Anyway, almost all of us admire good old cars, even if we don't buy them.



If you ever dreamed of buying a collector car, now you have a good opportunity to do it. The 1989 Porsche Speedster WTL is going up for auction. The WTL connection means that the car has the Turbo look with the wheels, bumpers and flared wheel arches. The vehicle is fitted with the 3.2 engine, that provides 220 horsepower and is equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox.


The 1989 Porsche Speedster attracts our attention by its uniqueness, as its design features make it iconic. The car's windscreen is much lower than the standard model's. The Porsche Speedster has been in Edo Competition’s care since 2003 but the car has not been modified in any way since that time. The price for this special model with 55,345 km on the clock is 249,000 Euros.


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