5 Extremely Great Cars Of 2015 You Had No Idea About!

08/16/2016 14:14:56
5 Extremely Great Cars Of 2015 You Had No Idea About!
Wanna see which cars can be definitely called as the stars of the last year, these models need to be appreciated at a better level, but we don't see them!

Wanna see which cars can be definitely called as the stars of the last year? All of the cars listed surprised even us, the automotive world must just take some notes right now.

Mazda MX-5 2.0 Sport Recaro- that's the vehicles which starts our list, and let's agree that this version of the ND MX-5 with those extra kit and lower suspension, is so much better than the original one. It's organic and raw, what else do we need?



Alfa Romeo 4C- it could be called a bad car by many of us, and in some ways we are right. Of course, after so many motoring outlets have called this mid-engined Alfa unsuccessful, you can't do nothing but agree. And still, the flaws mean you're human right? It's pretty good considering it's an Afla.



Mercedes AMG GT S- after saying AMG GT, many of us would start thinking first about the “R” version, but what about the “S” model, isn't it good?! It could be called a modern day muscle car. The long bonnet, the clever V8 under it, and of course all power sent to rear wheels, made it special enough for this list.



Ford Mustang GT- it offers a 5.0 litre V8, over 400bhp and rear wheel drive for less than the price of an optioned up VW Golf GTI. This automobile wants to turn its tyres into smoke and go round every corner sideways.



Volvo XC90- after seeing Mustang and AMG GT here, you could've expected to see this model here. Which other model would offer to its customer so much comfort, and be so practical at the same time? Of course the seven-seater wins here.


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