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Lacie B.

In July 2015 I've purchased a gently used Honda here. The seller was very polite and knowledgeable. It was my first car from this website but not my first online purchase. At first I thought I might have some problems with the car because of its cheap price, but it's been almost a year now and I've never repaired it still. Thank you for offering such a great chance to make online deals.

May 19th 2016
Marvin D.

As you can imagine when you're credit situation goes bad and dealerships say No, you start to look for other ways to get what you need. That's exactly what happened to me when I wanted to buy a new car. This online car trading company was suggested to me by my co-worker, so I decided to try it. Thanks to her recommendation and Public Auction Finder now I'm driving an almost new truck.

Nov 12th 2015
Orren J.

I promised myself I'll never go back to online trading but I did it again, and this time I've finally found the right place. I'm very thankful for the low prices and the live chat girl that answered all of my questions. It took me almost 2 months to choose and many thoughts and doubts, but it was worth the cost.

Aug 24th 2015
Public Auction Finder cares of its clients, that is why it's always ready to talk to them to give some car auctions online councils and make some great totaled car offers . We want to hear from you, every website local question is welcome and every dealer auction haziness will be solved. We consider that permanent communication and stable connection is the key to success and progress, which is why we put the relationship with our goverment auctions costumers first. We want to know your opinion on our storage treasures , we will try to solve your salvage cars problems and are ready to assist you in any puzzling situation or cover any lack of information. Bid at any auction:aai auto auction, salvage auto auction, girard auction, sd auctions, surplus auction, insurance auction from your phone, computer or tablet and make the most profitable car deals from anywhere you want.